Project Consultancy


Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. has engineering consulting qualification, customers can provide feasibility studies, evaluation and consultation, tender consulting, cost consulting, design consulting, put into consulting, construction review and a series of engineering consulting services in FIG.

The company has a full range of professional-class talent, relying on a deep understanding of the construction market and the international advanced engineering consulting management philosophy, positive and open, dare to compete mindset to meet the challenges of international engineering consulting industry.

Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design Institute with microelectronics, semiconductors, new displays, electronic components, telecommunications, automation instruments, electrical industry, machinery industry, new energy industry, civil construction and other areas of extensive experience in project cost, to undertake preparation of project estimates, design estimates, construction budget, BOQ bidding base price and, in the early stages of the project feasibility study report, project application report provides decision support and project preparation for the commissioning party, provided the project cost in the whole process of the implementation phase cost control, project settlement and trial price service.