EPC / General Contract


EPC also known as "turnkey", is engaged in general contracting company commissioned by the owners, according to the contract for survey, design, procurement, construction, commissioning project (final acceptance) and so the whole process or several stage of contracting.

At the same time responsible to the owners of the project quality, schedule, cost and so on. The total project contracting companies can legally be part of the sub-contract work to sub-contractors with appropriate qualifications of enterprises, sub-contracting enterprises are responsible for the general contracting business in accordance with the sub-contract agreement.

EPC has the following manner:

1. Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) / Turnkey EPC
2. Design - construction contract (DB)
3. Design - procurement EPC (EP)
4. Procurement - construction general contracting (PC)

In recent years, SEEDRI has undertaken and implemented several influential and large scale turnkey projects such as:

Samsung Shanghai Vacuum Electron Devices Co.Ltd